Thursday, 5 July 2012

White vans

Head 4 Arts are kindly lending Myth Busters their van for the summer.

There are all those myths about white vans, and parked up outside Llanhilleth Institute, even the H4A van didn't look too wonderful.

We measured up and we're expecting to prove those myths wrong.

Soon, the Myth Busters van will have dynamic signage and a comfy interior to tell stories and chat.


  1. It's a myth. The Head for Arts van is perfectly lovely. Especially when it's carrying the Blaenavon Industrial gamelan instruments and it makes a delightful clanging when I drive over cattle grids. Some people think that the old duvets in the back are because we sleep in it, but that's just another myth. But they do help mellow the background noises when it's being a gamelan-a-van. I like the chintz though - very tasteful. Can we have an aspidistra too?

    1. I like the idea of a singing ringing van, but we did meet a real SCARY white van man today, so that myth must be true......mustn't it?