Friday, 6 July 2012

What's in a name?

We carried on preparing the van today. As always, things didn't go completely smoothly.

We've joked a lot about the fact that, stereotypically, Matt's doing the carpentry and Katrina's making the cushions and curtains and doing the cleaning. And of course, Matt drove the van seemed natural. 

How easy is it to break the mould and do things differently? Our flier lists a whole lot of Welsh nicknames, but we've come across some interesting real ones recently.

Jack the Judge - a clerk at an Assize court
Gary Star - whose father ran the Star Hotel
Squito - whose father was called Moss
Jack Black and White - a pigeon fancier whose lofts were painted black and white

How hard is it to break the mould of a name like that, to change the way people look at you?

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