Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The day the van caught people's eyes

We wanted to travel to the far end of our patch today so we began up in Sofrydd, where we'd noticed a Jaguar garage last month. The garage was shut and we were shocked at what we found:

People looked at the van with interest, but didn't seem in the mood to chat. That changed when we drove into the snack bar in Aberbeeg. 

Before we could even park, a welcoming man came over to ask what we wanted, and the ladies behind the counter were full of questions. Who are you? What's Myth Busters?

Joelene was delegated to talk to us and she gave us a great tale, full of opinions about the valleys, their difference from elsewhere and the treatment of the young. Not to be outdone, Rob added his voice and gave us more fascinating material - the sense of humour that used to be passed down through the generations. Two more stories waiting for editing.

Walking back to the van from buying lunch, we noticed a father and his daughter taking photos of the signs on the van. While they explained that they were Gareth the Garage and Ffion the Fish, and had spent 5 minutes laughing at all the names on the side of the van, we got out the microphone. Almost before we knew it, Gareth had agreed to record his ideas. Inviting us to come home and collect some photos, he said how we'd changed his day and how glad he was to be involved in Myth Busters. Result!

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